Top House

Congratulations to the team at MRH Build for their award-winning project, "Top House". APP are very proud to have collaborated on this project.

The stunning residence won its Contract Houses category at the recent Northern Regions' Master Builder Awards, and you can see why when you browse the photographs!

Ardill Payne & Partners provided Engineering and Design Management Services to the builders.

We are always looking for detailed prestige home projects to provide our services for, to help the entire building process along smoothly.

To see more APP building projects, you can view our structural engineering capability statement here. 

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We’re a Key National Player in Alternative Energy

With the ongoing discussions regarding Global Warming, one solution is to replace and retrofit current technologies with alternatives that have comparable or better performance, but do not emit carbon dioxide.

Ardill Payne and Partners (APP) is proud to be an Australian-wide player in the Alternate Energy revolution.

“Climate change, population growth, and fossil fuel depletion mean that renewables will need to play a bigger role in the future than they do today,” said Bill Payne, Principal at APP.

At Ardill Payne & Partners, our Alternative Energy Projects involve providing engineering, project management and surveying solutions to wind farms, solar powered factories, housing estates, luxury homes and offices. In addition, we facilitate the incorporation of recycled materials into our projects wherever possible.

APP has worked on over 40 wind farms Australia wide and continue to be a key player in the field nationally. Our work involves the design of wind monitoring masts which record the wind data for a prospective site for 2 years.

“The masts collect wind information to assess how much wind energy can be won from a site. Based on this assessment the farm may or may not proceed,” said Bill.

In solar, we find that our ‘turnkey factory’ projects now usually require or request solar energy capacity. This is driven by a range of factors including the cost of power, green policies by factory franchises and personal green preferences.

Some APP solar projects include Habitat Byron Bay, and the environmentally-conscious Bridgestone “green truck centers” located in the Barossa, Hume and Port Hedland.

“As well as powering the Bridgestone sites, the solar panel array feeds energy back into the grid when the store is closed, and has a digital display in the waiting room showing kWh generation and carbon-dioxide emission reductions,” said Bill.

APP’s recycling projects range from water harvesting and recycled water systems to materials re-use.

“Our water recycling projects involve engineering, water engineering, town planning and project management for the Ballina Heights Estate, The Habitat Byron Bay, and the Bridgestone Truck Centers in the Barossa, Hume and Port Hedland,” said Bill.

“Material re-use projects involve using recycled rubber compounds for flooring systems as in the Bridgestone Truck Centers, recycled timber for housing projects such as our Coolamon Scenic Drive luxury home project, and recycled concrete for pavement construction in road construction throughout the Ballina Heights Estate.”

If you need engineering, planning, surveying or project management services for your next green project, you can contact us here at Ardill Payne & Partners on 02 6686 3280.




APP showcases capabilities through a new art piece

For the past year, our team at Ardill Payne & Partners has been creating a piece of customised art to grace the long hallway wall opposite our main meeting room.

The vision for the custom piece was to capture the full spectrum of services that APP offer, showcasing projects that not only are we very proud of, and that have been photographed beautifully, but that also create discussions­—we like to think of it as "talking point art”.

The panels went through design, concept and re-design many times before reaching the final concept which was ultimately chosen for the wall.

The six panels, all varying heights, span over 3 meters in total width and 1.6 meters in height and represent all of our business sectors; Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Town Planning, Surveying, Environmental, Project Management, Master Planning, Water Engineering, Alternative Energy and Marine Structures.

We hope that the artworks present the viewer with a true sense of our firm, opening up conversations to our capabilities, and capturing what we have been and are able to achieve with such a wide diversification of disciplines under the one roof.

If you are in Ballina, please feel free to drop by and have a look at the new wall art. We’d love to show you! We are at 45 River Street.

The APP Team.

Transformation of our Local Pools

On Saturday July 28th the new and improved Ballina Memorial Pool and Alstonville Aquatic Centre officially opened with fun giveaways, squad and swimming lesson demonstrations plus an aqua aerobic class and a sausage sizzle.

Both renovations were in the vicinity of $15.5 million. For Ballina, a new amenities building, a children’s wet play splash area, an undercover barbecue area and transparent fencing along the Richmond River with access ramps into all pools were some of the improvements made.  

In both locations the 50 metre pools have been retained with eight 2.5m wide lanes for competition swimming and water polo, along with a 25m heated enclosed pool with six lanes which can be used for swimming lessons, children play, lap swimming and rehabilitation. There are access ramps into all pools, a wet play splash area for children, covered tiered seating for 300 people, a cafeteria and dining area as well as brand new BBQ facilities and shelters.

Ardill Payne & Partners were engaged by Woollam Constructions to undertake structural design and documentation for both pool upgrades.

The upgrades included were the foundation and slab layouts, piling layout and loads, wall bracing layouts and roof tie down details for the new amenities and administration building at the Ballina site.

Alstonville pool received the following upgrades; Primary structural steel framing, connection details and foundations for the Learn to Swim Roof Systems, foundation and slab details, wall bracing layout and details and roof tie down details for the new pool equipment building which included foundations and concrete details for new disable access ramps and retailing walls. APP also undertook civil design and documentation for site gradings, concrete pathway layouts and details, certification of works, site inspections and RFIs.

Ballina Men’s Shed seeks funding & assistance to bring dream to life

Men’s Sheds are a place that men can go to overcome social isolation that can lead to depression and ill health. For over eight years, a group of dedicated men have been working towards building a men’s shed in Ballina.

Graham Eggins of the Ballin, a Men’s Shed Committee said that the shed movement has really taken off in Australia, and that to bring the Ballina Shed dream to reality they still need to raise $40,000 locally.

“There are now over 1000 sheds nationwide,” said Graham. “We want to start the Ballina build in August and to do this we need to raise some more local funds, as well as see some donations of trade services.”

The team has also applied for several grants which they hope will be successful.

“The Sheds are about health and wellbeing for men, who are less likely than women to seek help from a Doctor or psychologist when they don’t feel well,” said Graham.

“It’s also a great place for men to go and connect after they’ve retired and want something engaging and interesting to do. Men can go to this space and share inventions, collaborate on projects, build things, and also attend health talks.”

In early 2015 the committee obtained the development consent for the construction of a shed at Fishery Creek Road, Ballina. But for a number of reasons that project did not go ahead.

They didn’t give up. In early 2017, Graham approached Dwayne Roberts, Associate Town Planner at Ballina firm Ardill Payne & Partners, about the planning feasibility of obtaining development consent for a shed at the Ballina Racecourse.

“Ardill Payne & Partners are agreat example of a company that has donated their time and services to the project,” said Graham. “APP were proud to undertake the preparation of the development application free of charge, and have also connected us to other valuable services.”

On the 31 st of October 2017 Ardill Payne & Partners submitted the Development Application (DA) to Ballina Shire Council, and it was approved on the 2 nd February 2018.

“Dwayne has been in constant contact with me since February and has been assisting with the preparation of a construction certificate which is required to be obtained prior to works
commencing onsite,” said Graham.

“If any individuals or companies can help out with services like building, plumbing, electrical, or donations, it would really help ensure the build starts on time,” said Graham.

To donate funds or your time and expertise, please contact Graham Eggins from the Ballina Men’s Shed on 0416 004 013.

Builder Design Management

Helping builders with our new service model

Ardill Payne &
Partners (APP) has been providing Engineering, Town Planning and Surveying services for over 35 years, and now we are changing our Structural Engineering model to help make life easier for local builders.

Bill Payne, our Principal at APP said that he’s seen many changes in the industry over the years. “Building practices have evolved, and so must our services,” said Bill. “We’re sure that builders are aware of the changes needed too, so we’ve updated our model to offer builders fluid Structural Engineering that will fully support their realistic, on- the-ground requirements.”

APP has added Design Management to our normal Civil and Structural services, and has applied it throughout the entire building process. “We’ve developed this service from our project management role on infrastructure and land development projects,” said Bill.

The changes mean that APP can be with the builder every step of the way, to help coordinate and manage design and project delivery. “We’ll provide a range of services to suit the particular needs of a job,” said Bill. “This can range from detailed design auditing to just being on the phone when you need us.”

“We don’t take on more work than we can service. It’s the best way to help people and keep all services accountable, and the project on track.”

Having been in the business for so long and having been involved in some of the region’s most prestigious and technically- challenging projects, Ardill Payne & Partners is confident that our updated engineering model of service will be time saving, stress- relieving and provide builders with the confidence in knowing that a project is being managed correctly from start to completion.

Ardill Payne & Partners’ experience encompasses all aspects of structural engineering. This includes; commercial and retail design, prestige homes, schools, aged care facilities, multi-storey residential, masts and towers, bridges and maritime, community facilities and more.

“I welcome and look forward to meeting with builders to discuss how we can help streamline your building processes,” said Bill. “APP are changing with the times, and I am excited to show you how our engineering team can be of great benefit to you and your business.”

To get in touch with the team here at APP, call 02 6686 3280.

APP rise to new heights for the Amrun Project

Ardill Payne & Partners (APP) of Ballina have been hard at work designing five 70 meter-high communication towers for Rio Tinto’s new bauxite project site, named the Amrun Project. The project is located 2500km from the APP Head office in Ballina.

Bill Payne, Partner at APP commented, “We were excited to win a huge project like this, and after working so hard on these towers it’s great to see the first now up.”

Rio Tinto has mined bauxite at Weipa on Western Cape York for more than 50 years. Almost ten years ago, they began investigating the possibility of building a new mine on part of their existing lease south of the Embley River, between Weipa and Aurukun.

Amrun sits on Wik-Waya traditional lands. At the request of Traditional Owners, the South of Embley project is known as Amrun, the Wik‑Waya name for the area.

Rio Tinto has agreements with 12 Traditional Owner groups in total, across three agreements, which underpin all Weipa operations and activities.

The Amrun project includes the construction of a range of infrastructure required to support mining including a processing plant and port near Boyd Bay, a dam, tailings storage facility, roads and a ferry terminal on the Hey River to transport workers from Weipa to the mine.

“With a construction team of 1400 people, the Amrun project will provide jobs and strengthen the economy for the people of Cape York and Queensland for many decades,” said Bill. 

“This is a cultural win in the area, with a wonderful story of Original Land Owner involvement. Rio Tinto have worked closely with Wik-Waya people to develop a Communities, Heritage and Environment Management Plan to guide construction and operation of the project. It’s been a great experience.”

Ardill Payne & Partners have been assisting with the communications for the Port and Mine – through design, surveying and engineering for the communications towers and masts over the vast mine area from Amrun to Weipa.

Operations in Weipa provide jobs for a diverse workforce of 1,400 people. Close to one in four employees are Indigenous and one in four are women.

US$1.9 billion is being invested into the Amrun Project.

SCU Grad-Student Secures Employment with Ballina Firm

Southern Cross University proudly introduced its Bachelor of Engineering degree only three years ago, and this year, the first Graduates will receive their qualifications. One such graduate, Lisa Hansberry, who will be graduating with Honours in Civil Engineering in December, has already been offered employment with local industry leaders Ardill Payne & Partners in Ballina – and as we all know, both living and working in our beautiful region is an exciting prospect. 

Maree Savins, Project Support Officer – Engineering (within the School of Environment, Science and Engineering) has been at the University for over 16 years.

“SCU welcomed Lisa as part of the first cohort of Civil Engineering students enrolling in the new degree at SCU, and soon we expect she will be part of the first graduates celebrating the end of their studies,” said Maree.

“Not only has Lisa performed extremely well academically throughout the engineering degree, she is somewhat of a natural leader, taking up the President role of the SCU Engineering Society for a three-year period and serving as part of committees in the capacity as student representative.”

Lisa presented at a number of SCU events on the value of an engineering career and is a strong advocate for women in engineering, being an integral member of the SCU Women in Engineering group and presenter at the ‘GIRLS IN Engineering, Science & IT’ event held in Ballina.

Ardill Payne & Partners is also passionate about promoting women in engineering, and have previously sponsored this event, which encourages girls in Senior High School to enter into a career in Engineering. 

Tony Cromack of Ardill Payne & Partners commented, “We are excited that we have been able to support the SCU’s emerging School of Engineering, and secure Lisa in our ranks, to give local employment to a talented local graduate.”

Tony Cromack added, “We are looking forward to supporting SCU and the engineering program more in the future and are committed to employing more local students.”

In 2015, Lisa won the Southern Cross University Rising Stars Rous Water Scholarship. She now feels incredibly fortunate again having secured her position with Ardill Payne & Partners, who have been practicing locally for 35 years, and have been involved with well-known projects like the environmentally conscious Elements Resort, Byron Bay; the Habitat Development, Byron Bay, Emmanuel Anglican College, the Ballina RSL Club and Ballina Heights Estate, to name just a few. 

Lisa commenced with Ardill Payne & Partners in October, and once she has graduated, will commence on a full-time basis in November 2016.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in Engineering, please contact the ‘Future Students Team’ at SCU about your study options, on 1800 626 481.