Bridgestone Tyres

ProjectBridgestone Tyres

The Bridgestone Tyre Centre is a great example of Commercial Property Development to the highest standards. It has been designed, engineered and constructed to meet the high standards of a growing industry.

The Brief:
The client came to us wanting delivery of turn-key Heavy Vehicle Truck-Tyre Centres, including land acquisition, project scoping and concept design, detailed design, town planning, project management and design.

Key Challenges:
The key challenges we could see for this project were developing the building design and project scope to meet the requirements of the tenant.

We overcame these challenges by providing open and honest communication and building client relationship from the get-go.

Key Features:
The key points of difference to mention of the project are the Heavy Vehicle B Double vehicles' access to sites, liaison with local councils, including road upgrades.

The project was completed on time and in budget.

APP's Role:
Ardill Payne & Partners provided Structural and Civil Engineering, Project Management, Environmental and Town Planning for the project.

Key Partners: 
The builders for this project are AGS Commercial in Lismore, and the developers are Freestar.


Bridgestone Tyres

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