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To MASTERPLAN is to develop or improve land, a community, an industry via a long-range plan that balances and harmonizes all elements. This requires an in depth understanding of constraints and opportunities of the project and stakeholders’ desires and resources.

Master Planning is generally viewed as part of a place-based or urban design process for a long term land development strategy.

At APP this concept is extended into other aspects of our business to allow implementation of long term strategies to improve our clients’ design outcomes, business proposition or development management.

We continually review our clients’ needs and projects with our diverse experience in product and design development, market trends, operational, planning and budget issues. This spills over into working relations with our peers and clients.

To achieve this, a team founded with extensive experience in infrastructure, planning and costs is required. This has been APP’s history. We have been able to mix this with our more recent involvement in client product development, market analysis, and incorporation of flair and innovation, to provide a complete Master Planning Service.

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