We’re a Key National Player in Alternative Energy

With the ongoing discussions regarding Global Warming, one solution is to replace and retrofit current technologies with alternatives that have comparable or better performance, but do not emit carbon dioxide.

Ardill Payne and Partners (APP) is proud to be an Australian-wide player in the Alternate Energy revolution.

“Climate change, population growth, and fossil fuel depletion mean that renewables will need to play a bigger role in the future than they do today,” said Bill Payne, Principal at APP.

At Ardill Payne & Partners, our Alternative Energy Projects involve providing engineering, project management and surveying solutions to wind farms, solar powered factories, housing estates, luxury homes and offices. In addition, we facilitate the incorporation of recycled materials into our projects wherever possible.

APP has worked on over 40 wind farms Australia wide and continue to be a key player in the field nationally. Our work involves the design of wind monitoring masts which record the wind data for a prospective site for 2 years.

“The masts collect wind information to assess how much wind energy can be won from a site. Based on this assessment the farm may or may not proceed,” said Bill.

In solar, we find that our ‘turnkey factory’ projects now usually require or request solar energy capacity. This is driven by a range of factors including the cost of power, green policies by factory franchises and personal green preferences.

Some APP solar projects include Habitat Byron Bay, and the environmentally-conscious Bridgestone “green truck centers” located in the Barossa, Hume and Port Hedland.

“As well as powering the Bridgestone sites, the solar panel array feeds energy back into the grid when the store is closed, and has a digital display in the waiting room showing kWh generation and carbon-dioxide emission reductions,” said Bill.

APP’s recycling projects range from water harvesting and recycled water systems to materials re-use.

“Our water recycling projects involve engineering, water engineering, town planning and project management for the Ballina Heights Estate, The Habitat Byron Bay, and the Bridgestone Truck Centers in the Barossa, Hume and Port Hedland,” said Bill.

“Material re-use projects involve using recycled rubber compounds for flooring systems as in the Bridgestone Truck Centers, recycled timber for housing projects such as our Coolamon Scenic Drive luxury home project, and recycled concrete for pavement construction in road construction throughout the Ballina Heights Estate.”

If you need engineering, planning, surveying or project management services for your next green project, you can contact us here at Ardill Payne & Partners on 02 6686 3280.

APP showcases capabilities through a new art piece

For the past year, our team at Ardill Payne & Partners has been creating a piece of customised art to grace the long hallway wall opposite our main meeting room.

The vision for the custom piece was to capture the full spectrum of services that APP offer, showcasing projects that not only are we very proud of, and that have been photographed beautifully, but that also create discussions­—we like to think of it as "talking point art”.

The panels went through design, concept and re-design many times before reaching the final concept which was ultimately chosen for the wall.

The six panels, all varying heights, span over 3 meters in total width and 1.6 meters in height and represent all of our business sectors; Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Town Planning, Surveying, Environmental, Project Management, Master Planning, Water Engineering, Alternative Energy and Marine Structures.

We hope that the artworks present the viewer with a true sense of our firm, opening up conversations to our capabilities, and capturing what we have been and are able to achieve with such a wide diversification of disciplines under the one roof.

If you are in Ballina, please feel free to drop by and have a look at the new wall art. We’d love to show you! We are at 45 River Street.

The APP Team.

Ballina RSL Boardwalk

ProjectBallina RSL Boardwalk

There were many aspects of this project to be aware of, including different berthing requirements, a sloping seabed, and minimising long term maintenance. 

The Brief:
The client came to us wanting a pedestrian and boat friendly boardwalk around the existing RSL Club to join existing river front walks.

Key Challenges:
The key challenges we could see for this project were exposed wave climate and flood impacts. Providing a walking, boating and recreational facility that would cater for all members of the community.

We overcame these challenges by reviewing design options, working with Council and the community to develop a fixed timber boardwalk solution.

Key Features:
The key features/points of difference to mention of the project are multi user requirements, operational and maintenance requirements, maritime appearance to suit the site and site history.

APP's Role:
Ardill Payne & Partners were responsible for the Maritime and Structural Engineering as well as the Project Management for the project.

The budget for the project was $1m.

Ballina RSL Boardwalk

Bridgestone Tyres

ProjectBridgestone Tyres

The Bridgestone Tyre Centre is a great example of Commercial Property Development to the highest standards. It has been designed, engineered and constructed to meet the high standards of a growing industry.

The Brief:
The client came to us wanting delivery of turn-key Heavy Vehicle Truck-Tyre Centres, including land acquisition, project scoping and concept design, detailed design, town planning, project management and design.

Key Challenges:
The key challenges we could see for this project were developing the building design and project scope to meet the requirements of the tenant.

We overcame these challenges by providing open and honest communication and building client relationship from the get-go.

Key Features:
The key points of difference to mention of the project are the Heavy Vehicle B Double vehicles' access to sites, liaison with local councils, including road upgrades.

The project was completed on time and in budget.

APP's Role:
Ardill Payne & Partners provided Structural and Civil Engineering, Project Management, Environmental and Town Planning for the project.

Key Partners: 
The builders for this project are AGS Commercial in Lismore, and the developers are Freestar.


Bridgestone Tyres

Ballina Surf Club

ProjectBallina Surf Club

The Surf Clubhouse was designed inside the surf impact zone and required large bored piles through varying sand and rock strata to the founding level.

The Brief:
The client came to us wanting Integrated Project Management and Engineering Design to create a low maintenance community building on a dune front location that maximised the outstanding views, and provided a broad range of community services all to a fixed budget.

Key Challenges:
The key challenges we could see for this project were co-ordination of building uses with architectural intent and opportunities with materials selection to limit maintenance. The building also had to be designed in a coastal environment exposed to wave action with tight budget constraints.

We overcame these challenges by design and materials design iterations, with close review by quantity, Surveyor and Foundation Contractors to identify where costs could be saved and still achieve the operational and design brief.

Key Features:
The key features/points of difference to mention of the project are the coastal environment materials selection, building design for wave impacts, variety of building users (surf club, function centre, café), and to build to program and budget.

APP’s Role:
As Project Managers, Ardill Payne & Partners were responsible for the design development, detailed structural and civil design, DA and tender documentation, contract administration and construction supervision and certification.

The Clubhouse was built to a tight timeframe, delivered on time and on budget.

The budget for the project was $4.5m.

Ballina Surf Club Project Gallery